Acacia Cliffs and Tom the sheep


Set high on a ridge overlooking Taupo is the glorious architectural wonder, Acacia Cliffs, also home to Tom the sheep.

Tom regularly receives enquiries after his health from past guests. Not being able to tell one sheep from another, I am unsure as to whether the face that greets me the next morning when I open the curtains is that of Tom or in fact another sheep trying to steal his limelight!

Acacia Cliffs Lodge is a cute, four bedroom boutique lodge owned and managed by Linda and Rick Whitlock. The architecturally designed lodge combines a traditional Pole House (original poles still in place), with modern flair that makes the most of the light and the panoramic views of Lake Taupo.Ta

There are three bedroom on the entrance level, two with views over the lake, one of which is to be my room for the night.

Could you wake up to a better view?


The floor above comprises the shared living space and a further bedroom, whilst Rick and Linda have their own space on the top level.

The lodge can be booked as a whole or as individual rooms. A communal dining table allows those who wish to dine in at night, the opportunity to share stories with other guests as well as your hosts.

Pre dinner drinks and canapes are offered in the lounge, prior to a sumptous dinner prepared by Rick.


Rick and Linda are originally from Taupo and are eager to share its secrets and opportunities with you, I am sure Linda could keep guests busy in Taupo for a week!

The couple have travelled the world and returned home to set up the lodge in 2008. Rick continues to enjoy being a chef but now in the comfort and freedom of his own kitchen for a select and intimate clientele rather than churning out plate after plate in a busy restaurant. The lodge allows Rick to be creative with his menus and allows the pair to really engage with their guests and offer a true taste of New Zealand hospitality.

You could not wish for a nicer couple to welcome you to their lodge.

Next morning I am greated by an extensive breakfast selection as well as some brochures on what to do in the area. I have an hour free before I am due for lunch elsewhere so at her encouragement I visit a local art shop with gardens and cafe, and go for a short drive into town and along the side of the lake.

As I leave Linda waves me off like a friend, Tom however is not to be seen!