Treetops and the wilderness


Not far from Rotorua in distance but a million miles apart is Treetops Lodge and Wilderness Resort, this is where nature comes to play.

Treetops is a magical place where the raw beauty of the setting bewitches you.


John Sax, the owner, had a dream, one that he has made a reality


'As a boy one of my greatest passions in life was to fish. I dreamt that one day I might be lucky enough to have a stream or build a pond on a property that carried those ever-challenging trout. I dreamt that one day, just maybe, I could turn the clock back and restore some of those magnificent trees and habitat that was not only my playground, but the playground of native and game birds alike.

Some 30 years later Treetops Lodge was born; it had all the right ingredients to fulfill my dream. There was a virgin native forest with 800 year old giants that would humble even the very greatest.

Then there was the seven crystal clear spring-fed streams cascading and tinkling through the forest to the valley below. There was a valley floor that man cleared in yesteryear and had regenerated and degenerated into Titree and gorse.

Then there were the towering bluffs that formed from fissures in the earth's crust, millions of years ago, to create a perfect and sheltered amphitheatre. As the clouds skipped across the treetops above, a feather would fall to the ground...It was just perfect

For 10 years with my family, I toiled with planning and planting of habitat, building ponds for the trout, controlling predators and then it was time... time to build a lodge.

Now this was not to be just any ordinary lodge. With my love of God's creation and nature, it was my dream that perhaps we could build a sanctuary. A place that reflected the very best of what New Zealand has to offer. Where all could come and appreciate the beauty of nature, be refreshed and depart a little brighter for the experience.'