Huka Falls and Huka Lodge


The Sat Nav says that Huka Lodge is on my left, it isn't. In fact I have no idea where it might be but since I know I am on the right road and I am very early, I go for a little drive. As it happens this turns out to be a good decision as I come up to the Huka Falls themselves and have time enough to wander and take some photos.


Hard to believe that this little slice of heaven was once a simple fishing lodge. Founded by Alan Pye in the 1920's it is now the last word in luxury. A top anglers destination, a gourmet getaway with numerous outdoor dining options and a guest list that features royalty and celebrities. Rated as one of the world's top retreats it is easy to see why.

The high staff to client ratio ensures that your every need is met, and then some. The interiors are designed by New Zealand darling Virginia Fisher and are finished to her consistently high standard, gorgeous, comfortable and relaxing. The property features eighteen river side lodge rooms, a suite, the Alan Pye cottage, which is to die for and of course the Owner's Cottage.


The History behind the lodge (courtesy of Huka Lodge)

In the 1920s, Irishman Alan Pye, discovered the incredible fly fishing on the reaches of the Waikato River and realised his dream to build a fishing lodge. Before long, the fame of Huka Lodge had spread to every corner of the fly fishing world. As its reputation spread the Lodge attracted such famous anglers as HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother; Charles Lindbergh; James A. Mitchener (who wrote part of Return to Paradise there) as well as many famous film stars and public figures of the time.


Conditions were spartan: the Lodge building contained Pye’s bedroom, the kitchen and large dining room. Guests slept in heavy canvas tents pitched over wooden slatted floors, however its fame and reputation grew and the visitors book read like an angler’s version of ‘Debrett’.

In 1984, the present owner Alex van Heeren fell under the same spell and his resources and passion have added luxury to the location. Today the clientele and the aura of Huka Lodge are much the same. Though the standards of the original accommodation have changed dramatically, the spirit of its hospitality remains.

I wonder what Alan would make of "his" cottage now?

Add the dropdown…And his modest guest list

Sadly my name does not make the grade for the guest list but I doubt any of them had a better table for lunch!