Kauri cliffs and the view from the back 9


Tonight's lodging is at Kauri Cliffs ... Set on a 6,000 acre estate of rolling countryside, this place is Awesome with a capital A. A waterfall, an 18 hole golf course with spectacular views along the coastline, a pink beach (pink from broken seashells) where they have barbecues in the summer, a spa, wonderful staff, amazing food and wine this place is what New Zealand is all about.

Jumping into my golf buggy I head off down the "back 9" which is the most scenic. Cresting a hill I slam on the brake - the view is breathtaking! I am glad no-one was around to hear what I uttered when I saw it! Despite the jetlag a little bubble of happiness wells up inside me - it was so worth it!

NewZealand-Viewtosea-backdrop (1).jpg