Catch up and pies


Next morning I depart Eagle's Nest by road for Auckland with my driver John and his wife. John is another wealth of information, part Maori part Scot he has an interesting take on things and the long drive to Auckland passes quickly.

One thing that New Zealanders love are pies! There are pie shops all over the place, much like hot dog stands in other parts of the world. So lunch today involves a stop at a pie shop - I can almost feel my arteries hardening as I eat it, but I confess, it is rather good! I am not sure how anyone eates more than one though!

In Auckland I pick up my hire car, a Toyota Freelander, which is twice the size of anything I have ever driven, but so comfortable and easy to drive that I am soon thinking I would quite like one at home.

Tonight is spent at Seafields, a lovely B and B on the shore at Whitford. If you are flying into Auckland and looking to spend a couple of nights outside town to relax, get over the jetlag and lie by a pool, this is a good option. More intimate than some of the Uber Lodges, but very comfortable and Stephanie's home made muesli is a great way to start the day.

Janet Mactavish