Top ten questions I get asked about my travels


Whenever I meet someone new, and they find out what I do, there is inevitably a list a questions that follows.

The first one is really more of a statement - I bet you have the best job in the world.

See, not really a question, but if it was, I would have to say Yes, I believe I do.

Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. It is by no means all of them, and like I said, it is what I get asked about my travels, not "when is the best time to go to ...?" , "which airline has the best safety record ..."  That is a whole other list for another day.

Where is your favourite place?

I suppose you will not be surprised to know that I do not have just one favourite! My top three would be New Zealand, Italy and Argentina. I have a particular soft spot for Argentina because I lived there for six months in 2008/2009

What do you take in your hand luggage? 

A book, my laptop, chargers, adaptors, caffeine free diet coke (if I can find it), and a water bottle. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hand cream, a hair brush, sunglasses, my passport and of course some business cards. A power extension cable but sometimes I put that in my case. Also, clean underwear and a top + wrap/cardigan, in case my luggage does not turn up.


Do you ever forget to pack something?

Yes! Usually toothpaste or underwear! So I have now learnt to pack both first!

Maps or Apps?

Definitely maps, I love laying them out and putting notes all over them.

Definitely maps!

Definitely maps!


Do you fold or roll?

If I have hand luggage only, I roll, if I have a suitcase I fold.

Do you chat to other passengers?

Sometimes. You can generally tell when the passenger next to you wants to chat. I would also avoid chatting the whole flight – it is exhausting!

Do you organise your own trips so perfectly?

Um no. not always. I have missed a train in Florence because I was buying shoes, I have gone to the wrong terminal for a flight home from Germany and I even forgot to get a visa once.

Do you always stay in 5 star hotels?

Haha! Not at all, although I do try. It depends on the purpose of the trip.

Do you ever take public transport?

Yes of course! I love train travel and in Argentina I took long distance buses all over the place. I also mastered how to use the Colectivos (wheezy old public buses), eventually, and in both Buenos Aires and Madrid I have taken the bus going in the wrong direction and ended up miles from my destination.

 Do you ever fly low cost airlines?

Yes, inside Europe and to Morocco, although I there are some that I will not fly. On Easyjet I have the Plus Card, which I do think is worth the money for me anyway. It allows me to use Fast Track immigration out of Gatwick, dedicated bag drop, speedy boarding, a handbag plus a cabin bag and a choice of seats for no additional cost.


Do you enjoy travelling alone?

Yes, I am quite used to it and happy to go out for the day on my own, although I usually end up chatting to someone. Equally I enjoy travelling with my husband as I get the best of both worlds, sometimes he does his thing while I do mine, other days we spend the whole day exploring and hanging out together.

Do you have more questions for me? Email me on, perhaps we can start a new list.

Safe travels

Janet xx

Janet Mactavish