Blue Lagoon


From the Snaefellsnes Peninsula we retraced our way back along Route 1, this time in the daylight, so we got to see much of what we missed on arrival. It has been snowing overnight though, so it was slow going.

As we neared the Blue Lagoon and the Silica Hotel, the landscape became more harsh, large lumps of black volcanic rock covered the landscape and gave it an almost lunar appearance.

The Silica Hotel is a 10 minute walk through the lava fields, to the Blue Lagoon. The wind and hailstone whipped at our faces and by the time we got the the Blue Lagoon my hands and face were numb. A hot bath would do me good.


Premium Access tickets meant that we skipped the lines, had our own private dressing rooms for the duration of our visit, a lounge with drinks and fruit, a private butler/concierge and private entry into the lagoon.

I would recommend the Premium tickets, as they allow for a more pleasurable experience.


Since it was quite stormy, with hailstorms and strong winds, the butler advised me to keep my woolly hat on. It would keep me warm and protect my hair, so I did. Note - Ladies, cover or tie your hair up as the minerals are not great for your hair. I imagine that the other people in the lagoon thought there was something wrong with me as I was the only one in a hat!


I found it quite hard to enjoy the Lagoon in such adverse weather conditions, that said, I did enjoy the Skyr smoothie at the bar and sampled the two face packs. It was very busy, so if the idea of semi naked strangers brushing past you makes you squirm, perhaps it is not for you? I know a number of people who love it and have returned many times as they claim the minerals in the water do them good. You won't find Icelanders there though.

Back to the hotel and a warm room, my travel companion decided to sample the private lagoon at the Silica Hotel and reported it to be a much more pleasurable experience, so much so that he also popped back in the morning before we departed. 


Leaving the Silica the next morning, we took the coast road as recommended by the lovely Barbara at reception. Barbara said it was a lovely day for a drive, and so it was for the first half and hour. Then the weather changed drastically and our progress slowed to a crawl as the snow set it, we laughed about it being "a lovely day for a drive" ... and then, almost as suddenly, we were out of the snow storm, although progress was still impeded, this time by the fact that we kept stopping to take photos!


Stay tuned for more photos and my favourite parts of the trip.

Janet x

Janet Mactavish