Why travel is good for your health


Is your work life balance a little less than balanced? Are you trying to persuade your partner that you both need a holiday ? We all know that holidays do us good, but do you know how much ?

Statistics claim that there is a 32% reduced risk of a heart attack for men who take regular vacations, and a 50% reduced risk for women.

Travel decreases the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in our bodies and almost 90% of people claim significant drops in their stress levels after only 2 days of travelling. So even a short break is good.

It is also said that women who take regular holidays are less likely to suffer from depression. No surprise there ladies ;-)

If you would like to plead your case around what it will do for your relationship, you can tell your partner that more than 60% of those that travel, believe that travelling together helps them stay together longer.

Two thirds of couples say that a weekend getaway is more romantic than a gift.

And almost 90% of those that travel as a couple, claim that the romance is still alive in their relationship.

So you see, romantic weekends are not just for Valentine's Day.


Close your eyes and think back to your youth, are your memories of childhood holidays very clear?

Children both young and old, believe that vacationing with family brings them closer and they enjoy spending quality time with their parents, grandparents etc. They don't pretend that there will be no arguments, but they do say that holidays spent with family are some of their most memorable experiences.


Multi generational travel (travelling with extended family), is on the rise and with the opportunities to do things together as well as apart, you can see why. It is important when travelling with extended family, to try to factor in the interests of each family member. This is where it helps to work with a great travel agent who has taken the time to understand the personalities of each family member. Remember the old adage, "you can't please all the people all the time"? don't even try, let someone else take care of that, so you can enjoy your holiday too.

Finally, travel allows you to think more creatively and be more positive, especially when your work and problems are physically far away.

So there you have it, some ammunition to plead the case with your other half/family members/boss, for a holiday.

Good luck and happy travels.

Janet x

Janet Mactavish