Whale watching in Sydney


After my America's Cup adventure I slept soundly, and late. I woke in time to have lunch before boarding the boat to go Whale Watching. 

I was soon questioning the wisdom of dining prior to boarding. One of the crew members came ashore and spoke to the would-be passengers. "Right, I am going to tell you how it is out there. We have swell of between 3 and 5 metres, which is rough but,.. there is almost 10 seconds between waves, which helps. Anyone not wishing to go out today, can change their booking to another day".

I look around at my fellow passengers, some are suddenly paler than they were 5 minutes ago, but no-one leaves. Perhaps no-one wants to be the first? By now I am wondering if my lunch will stay put!

A quick chat with one of the crew and I park myself in the best place to be on the boat to avoid sea sickness. Noted that the worst place to be is in the bathrooms as they have no windows and so no line of sight.

Soon were are out of the harbour and into the open waters, it is rough! I use the edge of the table as something like a funfair harness and manage to venture outside when it is calmer, to see the whales and take photos.

We follow a pair of whales and enjoy guessing how long they will go down for after each surface, and where they will pop up again.


Whilst we don't see any whales breaching, we are treated to an intimate cruise alongside them, with flashes of their tummies and lots of tail "salutes" before they dive down again. It was fantastic, gentle and majestic.

I am not sure that everyone felt the same way as a number of passengers looked, well, a little unwell. The cruise lasts for 3 hours and I will let you decide for yourself the wisdom of eating before boarding, if in doubt though, consider purchasing some sea sickness tablets just in case.

Janet Mactavish