Elounda Mare, Crete


"Rustic chic" is a good way to describe the Elounda Mare, with its cosy, homely bungalows, traditional fireplaces, lots of stone and wood and the decor in natural tones. It is classic, understated, elegant and refined, you instantly know what kind of guest stays here.

The service at dinner is impeccable, the Cretan wine was surprisingly good, the staff knowledgeable and attentive without being intrusive. A menu was handed to each of us, I look a little quizically at the waitress, "don't worry Madame, your menu is vegetarian and we know you are allergic to fish and seafood". I relax, safe in the knowledge that I now do not have to question the contents of everything put infront of me.


The amuse bouche arrives, and this is where they (restauarants), often trip themselves up by presenting something fishy, not so. Perfect service, just as it should be.

Our dinner is a unhurried affair, we are never left waiting, and yet nor are we rushed. The piano player tinkles gently on the piano, the birds are taunting the cat in the garden and the gentleman at the table behind us is celebrating his birthday.

It is the perfect evening, the kind that holidays are made of, the kind that you would probably experience every night at the Elounda Mare. So perfect in fact, that I do not want to leave.


There are 96 rooms at the Elounda Mare, it feels small and intimate, it also shares the amenities of its sister properties, so you can golf, play tennis, enjoy the Six Senses Spa, and generally enjoy the best of everything.

N.B Children are allowed at Elounda Mare, but to be honest, if you were travelling with children, you would probably choose one of the other properties that is more geared up to younger families, with kids clubs etc.

Now that you know a little about each of the four Elounda properties that I saw, do you know which one is for you?

Need a little more help deciding? Want to know more? Just ask and then let's get you booked.

Janet x

Janet Mactavish